Let me introduce myself.
I am the face behind Little Light.
Why was Little Light developed?
In 2020 we lost our best friend and my sister’s husband Keith
Sheridan. It changed our lives forever. He was such a big personality with the kindest heart, the largest laugh. He made anyone he came into contact with love him instantly and feel good about themselves. He described everyone in  his life with the highest regard. “She/ He is the top, top, top travel consultant, hairdresser, carpenter.”

He left a huge gap in our life and our hearts.

Fiona, my sister was flooded with support and the love of her community around her.

She received lots of gifts of jewellery.
These pieces of jewellery were no longer just pieces of metal.
They held great meaning.
This is when Little Light was born.

I am so very grateful for all you guys support.